Can we publish reviews on Yelp? Why? How else do we work with Yelp?

No we can not publish reviews on Yelp. Yelp does not allow any 3rdparty syndication. Meaning No other outside company can publish on Yelp either. What we will do is dispute the negativity for removal on Yelp. We have a team that specializes in that and any 1 star reviews that we are able to get taken off will increase your Yelp score. We make it very easy for you by consolidating the reviews of the major directories like Yelp to one place and you can utilize our dispute button to alert our team and we will email you if we are able to get it taken down.

What am I going to see in the first month?

Within the first 72 hours we will have your internal platform up and running and within the next 24 hours you will have your comment cards. As soon as you start to send those back to us we submit them to Google. Your participation is a factor because the first months results vary but if you are working with us sending back comment cards and providing phone numbers and emails then you have an endless amount of potential. In regards to negativity we do not know what comes down it does not happen overnight it took some time for things to get like this so it will take some time for us to get it working in your favor but social media Fb Twitter, Youtube, IG, and Pinterest is up and yours to keep and will continue to benefit you to attract more of the customers who are searching for your service online.

How much is your service?

Review Boost's Spectrum Package which covers all the necessary services your business will benefit from is $399 per month!

How do I sign-up? Can I speak to someone? I have more questions!

On this website, you have the option to sign-up, schedule a phone consultation to have your questions answered and/or we have an option for a Demo thru Join.Me!

My SEO Company says that they can do the same as you.  Do I still need ReviewBoost?

We can appreciate other vendors attempting to help facilitate your business needs. However, internet reputation management is a specialized industry that requires deeper insight than making your website rank on search engines for keywords. Our services have taken years to develop with high levels of training and should not be performed for businesses without a proven method of results and known experience. If not executed properly more harm can come and cause permanent damage. A true and professional SEO firm that understands internet technology would appreciate your business signing up with ReviewBoost, because they understand the importance of a healthy online reputation. It will also help the SEO efforts by converting more online customers which will undoubtedly be a key to a successful online campaign.

How do reviews from my customers get on the internet and where do they go?

We use a reputation management process which means we survey your customers and ask them to leave a review of your company online. It is then promoted for different sites to pick up and display. ReviewBoost promotes your customer reviews on Google and websites than can rank high and help suppress the negativity that may exist about your company. We also use data feeds and API systems for directory websites that publish content online to be crawled throughout the internet. Reviews on one part of the internet can be crawled and picked by 100’s of other sites within days and weeks and reviewboost helps manage and promote the positive of your business.

Is there a contract, cancellation fees, termination fees or refunds?

There are no cancellation or termination fees ever . Our clients are on a month to month subscription basis. There are never any refunds, we will work with you to make sure you are more than satisfied with our service. To stop service, you must simply email or call our customer service department 24 hours before your renewal due date.

What about Yelp, Trip Advisor, RateMD's, and other specific sites?

We focus primarily on Google’s universal search results. When Google displays information about your business it pulls from many different sources including video, images, and mainly content. We promote all the aspects on the internet for your business to make it easier for Google to find and display the positive about your business. Customers need to go through Google to access specific sites and most businesses have a concern with a certain site because it ranks and shows on the search results page when the business get Googled. We solve this by promoting the positive sites and links about your business, in turn burying the negative sites associated with your brand. Again, our main focus for your internet reputation management service is for you to be presented in a positive light when a customer searches for your business online. Website directories like Yelp and Trip Advisor do not share reviews with Google, so we do not have a relationship with those groups

What if I use your service and you don't remove any negative reviews?

Our online reputation defense service is a combination of attacking the negativity head on and implementing a strategy to help improve your reputation by promoting the positive about your business and bury negative reviews with positive reviews from your customers. Some businesses see results faster than others. The key is to maintain a positive image online so your reputation management campaign is always a work in progress.

I have a 5 star business.  Why would I need ReviewBoost?

Looking good online is great and this tells us your business understands how important a good online reputation is to your bottom line. To maximize your reputation needs, ReviewBoost has three separate packages for businesses that have a healthy reputation. Just like in the physical world, a person can never say they are too healthy and that’s why they do not need to exercise. It is also just as important to have good reputation that is maintained. All of the work that it took to obtain an image can be destroyed quickly. We recommend hiring us to sustain your online efforts. Our services promote your reviews throughout the internet, not just on one part. So while you might feel that you look great on one part of the internet, it’s important to note that you want that same reputation to be showcased on different areas of the internet where customers might find your information.

Do you guarantee results?

No and No company can. When it comes to the online arena, it is impossible because of the dynamic changes that occur randomly.

How long does it take to see results?

Every business is different. We cannot quote a certain time frame. Some businesses can take weeks, and others months.

What directories and search engines do you work with?

We constantly refresh the groups we work with and some of them we cannot disclose because it is proprietary information. There are over 400 highly visible websites that accept reviews; some are industry specific and some location based.

Do you remove negative reviews?

We do not claim to remove reviews. We work with websites, search engines, and directories to combat against inappropriate material. We fight negativity on the internet with positive content.

What about Google and FTC, testimonial advertising and all the different rules and regulations with ratings?

We pride ourselves in knowing that we are ethical in our service. We oblige by all regulations and laws with in our industry. One of the most important rules that businesses need to follow is to clearly state when it is a paid testimonial for advertising. That is why our group never recommends or participates in incentives for a review from a customer. Reasons are that you might not get honest feedback, and secondly you do not want to be scrutinized whether the review are fake. We care about the integrity of our industry. Here is a link from Google on their take on Reputation management

Why does Review Boost continue to be #1 in internet reputation management?

First, experience is what we bring to the table as we are the original company to offer online reputation management services to local businesses. In addition, ReviewBoost does not off shore or outsource any of our reputation management products and performs all services from sales to customer service and technology in house. Finally, ReviewBoost thrives in continuously innovating our products as the internet is a dynamic platform with constant changes and new information. This adaption of our services is essential for businesses to see real measurable results of their reputation on the internet.